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Alien Rage


Alien Rage

At the beginning I would like to talk about the story of the game Alien Rage. Well, I must admit that it is not the strongest part of the game. But in that kind of games I wouldn’t count it as a drawback. People are searching the galaxy for a new fuel. Finally they find it on the asteroid somewhere very far from the Earth. But they were not the only ones who wanted this titbit. The aliens arrived and after some incident people had to live. I won’t tell you what happened you will learn it in the game by listening to recordings of some scientist. Each level contains three recordings which you can find almost everywhere.

We people are used to protect what we think is ours and as you understand we decided to take back the asteroid. So Jack arrives with his team to get the order back on the asteroid. When Jack arrives on the asteroid the action begins in good traditions of old school. That is basically the whole story, but as I have already told that doesn’t spoil the impression of the game.

There are fourteen levels in the game and they differ greatly from one other. The fuel itself has a great explosive power and that helps a lot our hero.

Now let’s talk about graphics. The game Alien Rage is based on Unreal Engine 3. The picture in the game is very good. Texture of weapons looks great, environment and the explosions also look very realistic. As for mimics of the hero we cannot judge it as we see his face only in cut scenes which appear at the end of the levels.

But the best part of the game Alien Rage is the gameplay. Developers did a very good job. The game is really complicated. The enemies are fast, clever and dangerous. The fact that there are hundreds of them only complicates the case. The pace of the game is hilarious, you can’t look aside even for a second. And of course you never feel bored. There are three types of aliens, those who do not react when you are near, those who act as usual soldiers. They shoot and attack you, but you can easily kill them. The next group consists of those who appear in the middle of the game. The guards are armored robots, it is very difficult to kill them, they shoot with fire and cause a lot of problems. In general, the enemies will not let you get bored. There are also eight bosses in Alien Rage. And around half of them are different variations of the same boss. That is a huge robot armed with pistols and guns. The remaining half is more unique. There is a huge spider with three levels of protection and a robot who can fix himself during the battle.

There is a great variety of weapons. Basically there are two types of weapons in the game Alien Rage: the weapons made by people and the weapons made by aliens. I personally prefer alien’s weapon as you don’t need to recharge it. But it can heat up and will not shoot for a couple of seconds. If you use blaster you need to get closer to the enemy as it doesn’t work well when you are far. I can speak about weapons for hours but it will be much better if you investigate it for yourself and find out what will you prefer.

And at the end a few words about improvements in the game Alien Rage. You get points for killing enemies. And if you are very ingenious in the game you will get special bonuses. If you have enough points you will be able to get access to improvements. Simultaneously you can use only three improvements out of twelve. By the way, collect green triangles they also bring additional points.

In the game you don’t have much choice; you are always shown what to do and where to go. So, Alien Rage is a good old shooter with great weapons and clever enemies.

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